Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updates and Thoughts

Hey guys! Just a couple updates and thoughts. If you haven't noticed or seen the pictures online by now, yes those are Twins fucking!! Bareback! It doesn't get any more taboo than that. I think its pretty weird and ballsy to say the least that they would do that but hey, wrong as it may be I think its hot as hell to look at lol. Maybe if they were butt-ugly i'd be grossed out, but bc they are so hot it turns me on. Milo and Elijah Peters are the names of these euro-boys and you can check them out with a Bel-Ami membership, im tempted to get one......

I've had a few people ask me whats going on with Twinklight as well. For anyone that was following it you know its been a complicated project to get together and dates kept changing etc. Really for most of the planning time until recently I was supposed to be in it. Afton is actually filming it right now I believe but the last time he asked me I told him I wouldnt be able to get the days off from work. My normal job is in a retail environment and during December months im hard pressed to get 2 days off in a row to be able to film, so I didn't think id be able to and that was that. It looks like a very cool project from what i've seen on his blog and I think he mentioned sequels so hopefully I can take part in future films reguarding that.

Go figure I did end up getting 3 days off after the fact and luckily I was contacted by Raging Stallion to do a dvd so I am actually in San Francisco as we speak. I'll try to take some pics for you guys, I've been wanting to do R.S for a while and always enjoy muscular/jock/man porn, more-so than twink porn. Especially as a bottom if you know what I mean ;)

So anyway this update is alot longer than I expected it to be so I hope you guys will read it, show some love, and feel free to ask questions in the comments, Id love to answer them and it will give me blog inspiration as well. Thanks, I'll leave you with a very old pic of myself......


  1. Well damn one of the main reasons I was looking forward to it was because you were going to be in it. I wonder why he didn't wait until after the holidays to shoot it. It would have made a bit more sense given the fact some have jobs like yours or are on hiatus and back home visiting family.

    Anyhow I hope your holidays are good and cute pic of you before you became "rugged"

  2. Having worked in retail for 14 years, I know the kind of hell you're facing in the next few weeks.

    Don't let the bastards get to you!

    Can't wait to see your RS scenes!!


  3. Ahhh you're so cute there! Well, the twins are fucking hot! If I had a bro' looking like that he could fuck me anytime! LOL! But seriously, they are hot. Wonder what they got paid for that? I saw the previous shoot they did and this puts that one to shame! They even give each other facials and suck each other's spent oocks! Anyway, looking forward to Twinklight! Hope it turns out as good as expected considering how long its taken! Is there a name for the Raging STallion flick? Have fun! I'm sure you will!

  4. lol you used to be a very cute kid :)