Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yet Another Blog!!!

Yo peeps!! Had to drop another blog with shoutouts this time to Marc over at Chronicles of Pornia....Thanks for the compliment man.
Here is the article below:
If you haven’t yet checked out Lucas Entertainment’s “WALL STREET” be sure to do so and then watch Arpad Miklos with Ethan Storm.
It’s a fantastic scene with no-holds barred sex in which Arpad slams and deep fucks Ethan with his hefty Hungarian meat slab. Hehe.
As far as bottom newcomers are concerned Storm is at the head of the pack.“WALL STREET” is available from Lucas Entertainment.
I feel honored and super slutty that he feels that I am at the head of the pack!! I try with every scene that I do to give my 100% to make the scene hot and be the best bottom (or top) I can be. My fans and followers deserve it!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A shout out to the guys at

Hey guys whats up?? I hope u like the fact that I am blogging more often!! Let me know what you guys think!!

So about the title...

My hubby was browsing the net today and he found a GREAT article with some HOTTT Season 1 Twinkscape pix of me and I thought I would let you guys see it for yourselves.

Its a really cool article and thanks again guys for taking the time to think about me when u r blogging....


And to all the peeps that follow my blog...

THANK YOU as well. Without you guys there would be no me...I really appreciate all you guys that follow me and comment on my blogs. It means a lot! More posts and pics soon to come!!



Monday, June 22, 2009

Blogging from Ft. Lauderdale

Hey guys whats going on? Just wanted to drop in and talk to u guys about some things while I have some free time between shoots. I shot a GREAT scene with Jake Woods this afternoon for Twinkscape. I took that dick like a pro : )
But what I really wanted to talk to you guys about this time is a very rude website that I found out about from a billboard near my home....
So me and the husband were driving home one day and on the side of the interstate there is a billboard that reads:
"Heterosexual? It's OK..."
I found this to be very rude and condescending towards anyone that is not heterosexual. So, I decided to jump over to the website advertising this hateful message. The things that I read on this website honestly made me feel like a second class citizen living in the 1950's, not a US citizen who's rights are protected under the US Constitution.

Below are some of the excerpts from the website and my personal opinion on these topics.
Gay activists are using Marxist tactics to bully people and force their political agenda on the rest of us.
Wow, thanks first of all for calling us communists. Secondly, the gay community and gay rights activists are no different then the civil rights activists of the 1960's era that fought for the basic civil liberties of all people of minority. So, sir or madam who wrote this derogatory and belligerent article, how would you feel if your wife or husband were in the hospital and you were stopped at the doors of the Emergency Room and not allowed to make sure that they were safe and still alive? You would be pretty pissed off for lack of better terms. All we are campaigning for are the same rights that you, as an American citizen as well, have.
I am now convinced that homosexuality is a mental disorder.
WTF?! Mental disorder?? Are u kidding me? I would love to know what kind of degree in Mental Health you have and where you studied for that degree....

But hey, in case you haven't heard the 1973 homosexuality as a "mental disorder" was removed from The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual.
On the contrary, being homosexual and dealing with close minded individuals such as yourself can cause GLBT to be socially ostracised and legally discriminated against. Also, people like yourself cause GLBT individuals to try to "hide" themselves from the main stream public causing them to feel unaccepted and unequal to other people because of WHO and WHAT they are.
Personally, I do not believe in the conventional, Christian God, but I do believe in the "God" archetype and I do have faith in a higher power. What I do not believe is that this higher power would create something that he frowned upon. To anyone reading this blog, do not follow these uneducated people's beliefs or give into the pressure of society that you have to conform to the masses.
Be yourself.
Love life.
Live happy.
How ever you choose to do so.
I guess thats all for now and I will step down from my soapbox.
I just felt that my followers needed to know about this website and the things that they are trying to bleach the American society with.
For future reference and to see this site for yourself, visit:
Bye for now,

Home from Atlanta..Next Stop....Florida!!


As I promised, I am home from Atlanta and WHOO!! I am TIRED!! The shoot was a HUGE success and I can't wait to let you guys know that the new content is up on the web.

Jason Sparks website should be launching within the next 2 weeks. Check it out for some great footage of some hot guys having great sex.

Atlanta was great except for the ghetto greyhound stations along the way...I was scared of the bums some lol.

My flight leaves bright and early at 6:10 AM and its currently 12:15 AM so I need to get some sleep. I'm leaving a new pic for u guys to enjoy.

Let me know what you guys think!!

Love ya!!



Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates on life!

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and leave some lines for you guys this evening...Just woke up from a nap and about to hit my workout : )

In the next few weeks I am going to be SUPER BUSY!! filming some great content for you guys to bust some fat nuts to!! First, this week, I will be filming with Jason Sparks for the upcoming website Watch for the launch. Next week, I will be making my second encore appearance with the wonderful cast and crew of Twinkscape. I am super excited to make it back down there to give my #1 fans some more of Ethan on Twinkscape!! Finally, to put the icing on the cake, June 30-July 3, I am flying out to beautiful California to shoot with Mr. Barrett Long himself!! I get to feel all 11" of man pole in my begging hole: ) I am so ready for that!!

So guys, keep an eye out and I will post updates when I get home (briefly) from each one!!

Love you!!!!


P.S. Hope you guys like the new pix : )

Monday, June 1, 2009

Twinked Out of His Mind and Other Monday News

So, it seems like this is going to be a Monday thing for me now lol!!

Just wanted to drop in and say whats up to all my fans out there and followers!!

So, Afton Nills has releaseed TOOHM and it is now available for purchase on his website
Nills has redesigned the cover that features yours truly and I must say that even though I liked the last cover, I like the new one a lot more!! GOOD JOB AFTON!! You can see me in 3 HOT scenes with Kayden Ertelle, Maddox Johnson, Tyler Dawsen and Spencer London. TOOHM looks like its going to be a hit for Nills along with his other works.


So, Friday night I went and saw Drag Me to Hell and it was AWESOME!! Sam Raimi did a great job with this horror/comedy and I loved every second of it...Some parts were pretty gross and some parts were really funny and some parts were plain out scary, but all in all I really enjoyed seeing this movie.

OH!! Do you guys remember that movie from way back in the day....Lava Girl and Sharkboy?? Yeah, pretty cheesy right??! Check out the HOTTIE that Sharkboy has become!!

Holy Shit!! Taylor Lautney is my new future rape victim. He turned from corny little Sharkdork to super hottie in the Twilight sequel New Moon. I was browsing the net this morning at school and I came across an article on Yahoo OMG! about him and I was STUNNED!!!

Other than that everything else isnt really that important lol!! Air France flight goes missing over the Atlantic...Damn people, Susan Boyle still wants some spotlight after not winning Britian's Got Talent so she goes to the hospital suffering from exhaustion, GM files bankruptcy....Nothing as important as porn and hot men lol!!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my blog and if you did comment me, if you didn't comment me anyways!!

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